Cliff ~ Author

the Rottweiler...

Please understand...  this is what
it looked like back in the 1980's
​when armed robbers would run into
the 7-Eleven Stores where I was
the graveyard shift and
shoved their pathetic little gun things
in my face like they thought it gave
them some hold or power over me 
and I would race out from behind the
sales counter
on my hands & knees
barking like a mad crazed Rottweiler.

Oh yes...  you should have seen them
run from that 340 pound mad crazed
Rottweiler with their guns still in their
hands [grin].

Photo by Dave Allen from a Reader
Magazine cover story ​by Mani Mir in
​April of 1991.  See the page menu for
​the Reader article.

See you inside [GRIN!].

Until the next time I put ink on paper,