Cliff ~ Author

The Racist

I am a racist…  yes I am.
Why I am the best racist in the whole world

                                                  You see…  when I turn the power pack for my prosthetic legs
                                                  on…  I can out race anyone [grin].

                                                  What…  did you think dirty color thoughts?

                                                  Shame on you!

                                                  Dirty color thoughts come from the New World Order and
                                                  their pathetic puppets like the UN, Hillary, Obama & Soros
                                                  [and a slew of other anti Americans].

                                                  In America we have united people thoughts.

                                                  What’s the difference?

In 1776 an unstoppable united American people squatted the New World Order on their butts…  ending for the time being the NWO’s plan to take over and rule the world.  At the time the NWO Elite realized they could never win a fair fight against a united people so during the next two hundred or so years they infiltrated and took over the American people and our government from within, teaching and brainwashing us through every ​medium on dividing our once united people so that today far too many of us look at each other in colors rather than as fellow Americans and fighting each other rather those who want to rule us

It is of utmost importance that we the people remember at all times…  we all bleed red and when one of us gets hurt…  we the people all get hurt…  that the NWO has only one goal or agenda…  and that is to end the American peoples Sovereignty and turn our once great nation into a third world nation so they can finally setup their one world government and rule the world.

So...  if I have to tell you off color prosthetic jokes to wake you up…  then so be it!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,