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Reader Magazine Article 'cover story'​ [April 12th 1990]

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Now you’re on his page - at the bottom of the list of stories is a cover story entitled ‘WELCOME’ - that was me in 1990 only a much heavier weight than now.

When I met Mani Mir in 1990 he was a staff writer for the Reader Magazine and the article link above goes to a cover story he did about my first book [now out of print].  During the many hours Mani interviewed me he kept asking me for more details but I was too close to the violence to see them.

It's been over sixteen years now since I worked the graveyard shift in a 7-Eleven Store and the stress in my mind has greatly lessened and the details regarding the violence leveled against me during my life [and not just at the store] has begun to unwind and release a great many details...  details my mind had suppressed very deeply.

A great many people have been horrified by the terror I survived at the store every night for eleven thousand nights but few people until now have realized or known about the scars all over my body from my snarly beast parents when I was a little boy.

There has been a scar [or deep indentation] under the hair on the top of my skull my whole life.  Recently I got brave and had the health tests done and the prognosis...  the damage shows to be from a deathblow to the head when I was only two years old.  And my left eye that looks off to one side...  from another blow to the head when I was an infant.

When I'm able...  more will be released...

Until the next time I put ink on paper,