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Its Politically In-correct

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                   ~Commentary by Cliff Newman

The reason Hillary lost is because the liberals have murdered 61 million of their future voters by aborting their unwanted unborn children.  See, the Bible was right, there is a price for murder.  It's called a lost Presidential Election.

The three stooges:  the Pope, the UN and...  the New World Order.


If a woman has the legal right to choose to murder her unwanted unborn child, then...  I have should have the legal right to choose not to wear a seatbelt.

Back in the day...  when 'We the People' of America still said the Pledge of Allegiance, we were a United People...  and as a United People we were unstoppable.  But it was the New World Order Globalists and their puppets that our founding fathers squarely and thoroughly defeated in 1776 and understood by their then defeat that they could never stop the United People of America so...  those lawless heathen infiltrated our government and took us over from within and have ruthlessly broken us apart by race, religion and choice so we do not have the voting clout to stop them.  Well they [NWO] have under estimated us again.  On November 8th of 2016 we the people gave Donald Trump 306 Electoral Votes and boys & girls...  Donald Trump is one of us 'we the peoples' not a NWO puppet and President Trump will set the anti America NWO back 200 years.  Time to stand and CHEER America!  Land of the FREE...  Home of the BRAVE!