In Plain Sight
          ~by Cliff Newman

It does not matter where you stand on the earth 
                    It does not mater what time of day or night
                                            Nor does it matter what season

Regardless of all of these above variables…  the earth’s shadow from the sun on the moon is ALWAYS round…  not flat or squared looking.

Thus…  the flatearther’s beliefs, agenda and all of their fancy talk are proven to be untrue by the earths shadow in plain sight on the moons surface for all who look.

The flat earth fiction is a New World Order tactic to distract the children of God from the truth...  all the while lying to our face about truth that is outside of their control hidden in plain sight...  in the earths shadow on the moons surface.

Go figure that!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,


Cliff ~ Author