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During my first 23 years of life there
was an old General Motors flatbed
truck in my parents backyard like the
one here.

January 3rd 2018 AD

Well...  it's the beginning of the new year and Governor Brown is pressing forward with his personal plans to violate U.S. American policy in California.  Looks like we the people need to create a special election to remove this ex-President Obama policy carry over and his intentions to put we the people in harms way of foreign terrorists.

December 14th 2017 AD

Sitting here in front of my computer just now...  I'm not sure whether or not I'll be here online tomorrow.  So much of my life has been on the cutting edge of not knowing where my next steps will be.  No, I'm not worried or even afraid...  you get over those human feelings & emotions real fast when you have been violating the laws of physics for over sixty years.  But things [STUFF] is always changing and with change you are either going forward or backward...  there is no standing still, not even just to breathe.

November 11th 2017 AD

My new 14 year old car is working great.  The old one still works but has 344500 plus miles on the odometer and seems to be tired all of the time [grin].

October  28th 2017 AD

Finally got around to making time to load the Reader Magazine Article about my first book where I was on the cover in April of 1990 [see the page menu].

October 26th 2017 AD

Sitting here tonight preparing to go to the newspaper route I feel very lethargic & tired having spent several hours working on book content today.  How did I live through this nightmare of insanity?  The danger so great, after the FBI came out to make sure I was OK in 1975, they never came back out of fear for their own lives.  So very tired right now...  if only I could sleep.  NOT!!

October 18th 2017 AD

Now 66, my appendix burst when I was six years old and mother refused to spend the money to get me fixed.  Thirty four years later a doctor discovered my mothers secret.  Often I have been told I need to forgive my mother and move on.  Move on?  Thanks to my mother I have lived with bone crushing pain for 60 years.  If you bump into my mother, don't bring her around here...  not sure I could keep my fists at my side.

October 10th 2017 AD

Just as the liberals murdering 61 million of their own future voters through abortion failed to get Hillary elected President...  so has organized religion bowing to the IRS to get their 501(c)(3) certificate failed to keep their religious freedoms.

Joined LegalShield as an associate a week or so ago.  The online experience was such a nightmare I had the account deleted.

October 8th 2017 AD

The Los Angeles Times continues to deliver their newspapers so late to their newspaper carriers, their subscribers get late papers almost everyday just because they can, have bought all of the competition and do not care [just so long as you keep paying your subscription bill].

September 27th 2017 AD

A Petition for net neutrality:  ​Sign the petition!  U.S. Senate: Tell your Senators: fire Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman trying to kill net neutrality;

The Senate is about to vote on whether to reconfirm former top Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai as the chairman of the FCC.  In his short time as Chairman, Ajit Pai has celebrated the death of Internet privacy rules that stop ISP's like Comcast and AT&T from collecting and selling the details of your online activity to advertisers, and launched an all out attack on net neutrality protections that keep the web free from censorship, throttling, and extra fees.  Sign the petition to tell your Senators: "A vote for Ajit Pai is a vote against the Internet."  Ajit Pai is just one more part of the New World Order's train wreck for America.

Please join me and take action?  Click
 here to sign.  Thanks!  Cliff

September 25th 2017 AD

This was my dad's birthday and with me being 66, thought I should call him but in our talk my crazy mother came up in conversation and one of my childhood mother horror story memories
popped into my head and I mentioned it to dad.  As usual, he put me down denying it ever happened.  Sixty six years of being reminded I am nothing and...  that he has absolutely never wanted to be responsible for his or my mothers actions when I was a little boy.

September 8th 2017 AD

Sorry, but I've been consolidating my websites from six down to three [that equals 700 buck$ a year down to 350 buck$ a year].

August 18th 2017 AD

It is mind boggling that Obama, Hillary and others actually committed crimes and there were NO charges...  yet President Trump has committed NO crimes and has been charged.  The thought police [and their darkness] are out in force in America.

August 5th 2017 AD

The new natural pain supplement only worked for about two hours but regardless of the pain from peritonitis...  I continue to remain drug free.  It [like everything else] is a choice I make with my freewill.

July 19th 2017 AD

Another good day for me...  have discovered a natural supplement to help with the pain from the peritonitis from my burst appendix I've lived with since I was six years old.

June 22nd 2017 AD

There has been this deep depressed area and dent on the top of my skull ever since I could remember.  Finally a couple or so weeks ago I got brave enough to have the tests done to find out what and why.  Tests showed the skull damage was from a deathblow when I was about two years of age...  confirming what I knew about my parents when I was old enough to remember and the creation of my bio story...  "the beating(s)"  ...go figure.

May 25th 2017 AD

Was diagnosed terminal in April of 1991, the doctor going on and on about there being no hope and my death being imminent and yet...  yesterday twenty-seven years later...  I turned 66 years of age [in earth years of course], still only eleven years old in my heart & mind [grin].

February 28th 2017 AD

My new updated business cards have arrived and my newly revised, redesigned & updated flyer is finished and...  the terror in my mind from dealing with the overwhelming reality of being murdered every night for eleven thousand nights has once again subsided to a livable [normal] level of insanity.  Go figure that!  And it's not so much the living through it or the writing it down [putting the ink on paper] but...  the going over and over it again and again to get the storyline correct so you can [will] feel that emotion I felt at that moment the murderer was trying to shoot me dead or the heathen filled with rage was attempting to beat me to death with a heavy metal crowbar or some other crazy weapon of their choosing [oh...  there's that smurk on my face again].

​February 23rd 2017 AD

Troubled...  Once again I had started writing my book from someone encouraging me to get it done but once again I have stopped [for the moment] from the shear terror of what I have lived through and the seemingly endless times I have stood surrounded by piles of dead bodies all the while members of law enforcement were patting me on the back telling me I was doing a great job.  True, I understand the misleading translation from the Hebrew text in the Bible to English about the 'shall not kill' verse where there actually are no English words to say what the Hebrew text says and the closest to the Hebrew in English is to say, 'shall not murder or kill the innocent' but America has spent over 235 years believing a lie from God.  To the American masses, the UN, the New World Order, the lawless bloated American government and the world...  I must look like a monster from hell for my efforts in purging the evil from our land.  So...  for the moment...  once again, my pen is silent [but screaming in my mind].  No grin's today : (

February 19th 2017 AD

Pretty much finished my 2016 taxes today and tomorrow can get back to ​working on my BOOK. My book...  my nightmare...  your enjoyment [grin].