Cliff ~ Author

Cliff…  pictures…  Words &…  endless ‘badges of Courage’

Having being on my hands & knees...  barking like
a mad crazed Rottweiler chasing armed robbers
and murderer’s with pathetic little gun things in their
hands out of 7-Eleven Stores every night for eleven
thousand nights [that’s thirty years in English] and… 
even with the damage done from their's and others
endless attempts on my life [all of whom meant my
demise but failed] still…  I live and have acquired
many ‘Badges of Courage’ over the years proving
Gods word and promises in John 11:25-27 are still
true to this day for even when they got me dead
[grin]...  they didn’t seem able to get me to stay dead 
and...  none of
them ever seemed able to do any-
thing about it other
than to ​empower me.

Go figure that!

           For…  being challenged in life is inevitable.
                                  But being defeated…  that is optional.

That means being defeated is a CHOICE and I have chosen NOT to be defeated for truly…  words ARE the most indestructible force of power in this universe [literally creating the building blocks of our future and now]...  an important point the New World Order Globalist Elite and their puppets and America's past lawless bloated government of want-a-bee rulers does NOT want you to know! 

And you…  what have YOU chosen to create with your indestructible words
​& thoughts…  Freedom of Success or…  the failure of defeat?

It is your move...  and they ARE your words & thoughts!  Go Figure that!

Until the next time I put ink on paper,