Cliff - Author


Hoping you are alive, well and
having a GREAT day.

For 66 years now [so far any
way]...  I've been living through
​and collecting CRAZY life story's for storyline and text to go in my next book [sorry my first book has been out of print for many years].

I'm pretty sure all the storyline is intact and ready to assemble into book form but that may take some time because the amount of crazy stories from my life and past experiences is ENORMOUS to say the least and...  the new STUFF jumping up in my face that I thought had been forgotten forever never seems to stop coming.

​Go figure that!

But this website will be the launching point
for my new book when it is published...  yes,

you ​will read & hear about it HERE first.

So...  until the next time I put ink on paper,


Come visit me on Facebook if you dare [grin].